Bulk Food Ordering / Delivery

Delivery Boy - Restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN

Bulk food ordering is one of our most common requests. This is a great option to help to save time, and money when considering offering food selections at any type of event. With the best food & prices around NO ONE can offer a better price then us and if they do we will match it.

Our food is prepared FRESH at our facility and dropped off hot and READY-TO-SERVE at your location or event.

Delivery cost ranges from $50.00 to $100.00 for the Fort Wayne area depending on quantities and location distance. This is the most wallet friendly option we provide.

Pick-Up/Delivery Meal Package Deals


Option A

$5.99 Budget Friendly
2 Meats/ 2 Sides/2 Drinks
(Option A Offers A More Cost Friendly Menu
Selection Only Food That Have * By Them
Are Available Food Selection)

Option B

$7.50 Quick And Simple
2 Meats/2 Sides/2 Drinks/Rolls/Salad
(Option B Offers A Wider Variety Of Food
Options For A Very Reasonable Price, And
All Food Items Except For A Few High Price
Sections Are Available Under This Option.)

Option C

$9.00 Best Variety For The Price
3 Meats/3 Sides/3 Drinks
Rolls & Butter/1 Desert
(Option C Offers A Larger Selection Of Food
With Rolls And A Bakery Item Included)

Option D

$11.00 Simply The Best
4 Meats/5 Sides/4 Drinks/Rolls
& Honey Butter/2 Bakery Items/Salad
(This Option Offers A Large Variety Of Food
Selections Which Includes Rolls, Salad,
Drinks, And Different Types Of Bakery

Appetizer Selections

Choose from our wide variety of dishes, which include Fruit & Salad, Hacienda, Pagoda, Wings and much more. You can also combo out different varieties into one dish, and design your own dish