Bulk Food Ordering / Delivery

Delivery Boy - Restaurant in Fort Wayne, IN

Bulk Food Ordering/Delivery

Golden Corral offers bulk food ordering and delivery. You will save time and money at any event with our ordering and delivery services. We guarantee you won't find a better food selections and pricing! If you do, we will match it.
All of our orders are made fresh at our location and then delivered ready to serve at your location. Delivery costs vary depending on your location from $50.00 up to $100.00

Pick-Up or Delivery Meal Package Deals


Option A

$5.99 Budget Friendly
2 Meats/ 2 Sides/2 Drinks
(Option A Offers A More Cost Friendly Menu Selection Only Food That Have * By Them Are Available Food Selection)

Option B

$7.50 Quick And Simple
2 Meats/2 Sides/2 Drinks/Rolls/Salad
(Option B Offers A Wider Variety Of Food Options For A Very Reasonable Price, And All Food Items Except For A Few High Price Sections Are Available Under This Option.) Generally Feeds 20-25 People

Option C

$9.00 Best Variety For The Price
3 Meats/3 Sides/3 Drinks
Rolls & Butter/1 Desert
(Option C Offers A Larger Selection Of Food With Rolls And A Bakery Item Included)

Option D

$11.00 Simply The Best
4 Meats/5 Sides/4 Drinks/Rolls & Honey Butter/2 Bakery Items/Salad
(This Option Offers A Large Variety Of Food Selections Which Includes Rolls, Salad, Drinks, And Different Types Of Bakery Selections.

Appetizer Selections

Choose from our wide variety of dishes, which include Fruit & Salad, Hacienda, Pagoda, Wings and much more. You can also combo out different varieties into one dish, and design your own dish